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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the betting information?

All our information is presented at lunch time each day on a pin protected NON PREMIUM telephone number. (Calls charged at BT national rate)

I have never placed a bet, do you provide information to tell me how to do this?

When you join the service, we provide you with a comprehensive "betting guide" which will inform you how to open accounts with bookmakers, place a bet and other related information about how the service operates etc. For your convenience, you can download our betting guide and record sheet to record your bets at the following link:

Betting Guide

Do you suggest taking early prices?

We will always comment on prices when we give out a bet. We will advise whether early prices are available and whether it may be best to take a price.

Can I contact you to discuss the service if I have a problem?

Absolutely yes! If you are new to betting and are unsure about anything then get in touch with us and we will soon put you at ease and get your problem sorted.

Am I able to leave the service if I do not wish to continue?

Clients are completely in control of their own membership and can leave the service at any time. Out of courtesy we ask that you let us know.

Do I need to go in a betting shop?

No you do not. You can place your bets by telephone or online. The easiest method is by using a debit card so that stakes are taken only at the point of placing a bet and profits returned to your bank account. This way the bookmaker does not hold your money and you keep your betting bank in your own bank account at all times! You can choose to have a deposit or credit account with the bookmaker if you choose.

Will PREMIER place the bets on my behalf?

Sorry but no. PREMIER will not place bets on behalf of clients. We are happy if you choose to allow a trusted person or family member to do this for you.

What happens if I miss a bet?

Everyone will occasionally miss a bet. Holidays, illness etc. If you are taking the necessary long term view then these things tend to even themselves out and it should not make the difference between success and failure


I want to thank you for all the fun I’m having since joining you. Unaccustomed as I am to betting, and starting with zero knowledge of horseracing, I look forward to listening to your recorded message and am learning something new every day. Thanks again for all the fun and I look forward to buying you a drink in the future! I joined you from an investment point of view, to make my money work for me, I didn’t expect to have fun too, it’s a great bonus!’

B.O. Surrey

Thanks for the info. Have only been with you guys a short while but have been impressed with, the results yes, but more so your attitude and discipline in the advice you give. Regards.

M.C. London