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Skybet and Betfred have had standout prices on occasions, and we think it would be wise for everyone to have an account with them. We have therefore added them to the top 5 'preferred bookmakers' that we recommend all of our clients should open accounts with. Please therefore check you have these accounts, and take full advantage of the opening offers if you are a new customer to them.

In the current market place, competition between bookmakers is pretty intense. This is very good news for customers opening new accounts with them.

Many of the leading bookmakers are promoting some spectacular offers. Unfortunately, these are only open TO NEW CUSTOMERS. Sadly, if you already have an account with that bookmaker then these offers will not apply.

If however you do not already have any bookmaker accounts open, or if you are a NEW CUSTOMER to them, our indeed ourselves, then you are advised to take full advantage of these offers. Arguably, utilising the various offers and promotions could finance part of your participation in our service!

All of the bookmakers we have listed are well established, large and secure businesses and you are in a very enviable position if you do not already have accounts with them! Additionally, these bookmakers should enable you to place all of the bets in the markets we advise. You can only benefit from the offers once, but by putting in a bit of effort to establish accounts with them you will certainly reap the benefits. It really is worth the effort.


The first group of companies, five in all, are what we consider to be "core bookmakers". It is always worth getting the best possible deal, and we will always point out the occasions where they offer best prices.

Coral are a high street name and also very long established. A £20 free bet is available here.

Victor Chandler is a very long established bookmaker. They offer a £25 free bet to new customers.

Betfred are offering a £25 matched bet. Again, very well established firm.

Skybet offer a £30 matched bet + £5 free every week.

BET365 is the last of the 'core bookmakers' we think you should open an account with. They are offering a £200 deposit bonus for new accounts.

If you open accounts with the bookmakers above, you are in a strong position as you can rotate your bets, and therefore no single firm will have a record of all your wagers.

However, why stop there? Take full advantage of the free offers and use the bookmakers money to finance your betting wherever you can. It may take a bit of extra effort to open accounts with those listed below, but it's worth getting the benefits of the introductory offers.

There is £50 available at Paddy Power, up to £150 at Mobibet and all of the remainder offer incentives too!

It is worth the effort as opening these accounts will give you the opportunity to use the bookmakers money wherever possible!

One final point, Unibet (shown below) have in recent times seemed to offer better odds than others on quite a few recent occasions. They are particularly worth having an account with for the long term.


Paddy Power

William Hill





Hi, After previously joining one or two horse betting services, I found it interesting that you bet on both football and racing and although my previous experience was not great, I felt, after talking to you, that I should give your service a fair crack of the whip. Mark, it has been a revelation and its not just about making the profits. All I do is work and more work. It might sound ridiculous but all ever did was work hard and do my best for my family. No hobbies and no interests outside of work. Your service has changed that. I make money on my betting and that, I know, is your primary concern, but you should explain to people that it is also a fascinating hobby and interest. Watching a race or football match is, when a bet is on it, extremely enjoyable. It is a big part of my life now. I only ever bet on your selections and I make money AND I enjoy myself and have a much needed interest in life outside work. Many thanks for a great service, keep it up and feel free to use my comments in your advertising.

J.H.S Nottingham